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You improve our environment; let us help improve yours!

The Retensa Green Grant enables environmentally responsible organizations to create exceptional work environments. The program awards grants to organizations committed to providing green services, creating green energy, and developing green products or sustainable food.

How it works: If you are an environmentally driven company with great ideas, you need HR programs that attract, motivate, and retain the top talent in your industry. That's where the Retensa Green Grant can help. After you apply and win, Retensa will deliver free HR services that will allow you to increase productivity and innovation, reduce turnover, and achieve your environmental and business goals. The result is a better environment for everyone.

Why it matters: Green companies need great employees to implement their vision, mission, and causes. Retensa will support green organizations to nurture innovation, integrity, and impeccability to improve HR efficiency and create a high performing workforce. Research shows that actively engaged employees have 32-48% higher productivity. Having talented, engaged employees will provide green businesses with a competitive advantage to accelerate growth and positive environmental impact.

About Retensa: Retensa's leading talent management services help organizations engage their employees, improve performance and productivity, and become an Employer of Choice. Just as many green organizations do, Retensa wishes to make the world a better place by improving the environments in which we live and work. Retensa and its employees are passionate both about what we do and about the environment. The Retensa Green Grant honors these passions.

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