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"How can Retensa services help my organization?"

The Retensa Green Grant awards services that will help you attract, motivate, and retain the top talent in your industry. Doing what we do best, helping you increase engagement and become an Employer of Choice, will allow you to concentrate on what you do best - making our world a greener place to live.

Service grants can be applied towards:

Exit Interviews

This service enables your company to capture valuable insight into the workplace experience and assess the morale and disposition of exiting employees. Exit interviews also identify patterns of hiring and help maintain contact with exiting employees as a means of networking future relationships.

Employee Surveys

Retensa knows that employee feedback is key to maintaining an engaged and motivated workforce. Retensa provides world-class employee surveys in the areas of recruiting and onboarding effectiveness, employee engagement surveys, and management surveys aimed at gathering valuable feedback from your workforce.

Metrics Dashboard

Retensa's Metrics Dashboard expands on the standard cost of turnover calculator to precisely calculate both direct and indirect cost of turnover. Our Cost of Turnover Analysis segments indirect costs of turnover, such as lost productivity, performance differences, and losses and gains from unfilled jobs. We use your company's specific information (not estimates) to deliver the most accurate assessment available.

Training Seminars/Workshops — Example: Retention Training

Retensa works with your firm to teach managers how to drive the message of retention into every point of contact with their staff. Managers learn to reinforce employee productivity and open communication, to coach employees, to provide meaningful feedback, and to inspire employees to work as an effective team by providing immediacy-based recognition.

These services are designed to help green companies identify, attract, and retain the top talent in your industry.

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